Episode 45 The murder of Pauline Campbell

On a warm September night in 1951 the brutal murder of nurse Pauline Campbell stunned the community. The attack was one in an escalating series of assaults on nurses in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The identity of the killers would rock the community to it’s core.

A fascinating vintage crime in a college town.

Nurse Campbell in her uniform.

Link to photo of Walter DeDula

Girls crowded the courthouse to see William R. Morey III at his trial.


2 thoughts on “Episode 45 The murder of Pauline Campbell”

  1. It isn’t fair that they served so little time for such a vicious crime. I don’t care how much of a “model” prisoner Morey was, he’s the one who bashed her skull in!

    1. I have to wonder, if Campbell had family or friends to protest his release, would he have remained in prison?

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