31 Who killed me? Holly Branagan

In March 1979 17 year old Holly Branagan was murdered in her family home in Bethlehem, PA. No one was ever arrested or charged with her murder. Part one of a series on this baffling and engaging story.

Special thanks to Marissa of The Vanished Podcast @thevanishedpod for suggesting this case.

Holly Branagan, 1979
Holly Branagan, 1979

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5 thoughts on “31 Who killed me? Holly Branagan”

  1. I am so glad you two have gotten in touch! I really wish there was an Oscar award show for Podcasters. You both deserve World Wide recognition. Your shows are outstanding. I wish l could solve the cases profiled.

    Regarding this case, I wonder why she called her Dad’s office. It was as if this person may have been standing over her while she made the call. They had to be tied to him. She only had two defensive wounds. Which to me says, this person knew which wounds would be fatal. And, the person was bigger than her. They may have grabbed her from behind initially. Possibly after she made the call.

    1. one theory i’m not sure was discussed (i’m literally listening to the podcast now) was that a phone technician or someone posing as a phone technician went to the door and she called her father to confirm a phone tech was coming by. this would explain the phone issues the neighborhood had experienced

  2. My thoughts exactly as Brian’s comment above. Whoever was at the door when she was on the phone seems to be the greatest suspect. He was probably scoping the place out, asked if her dad was home, she said no and made the call to his office. I hope they checked that lead out.

  3. Has this episode been archived? I’ve been reading about this case in the last two weeks and would love to listen to this particular series if possible.

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