30 Who killed me? Bill Comeans

In January of 1980 the body of 14 year old Bill Comeans was found at the side of the road a few blocks from his home. He’d been strangled. This wasn’t the first time Bill was assaulted, he’d been attacked twice previously. Also, who was leaving the menacing notes in his school locker? Who was threatening his friends?

Bill lived in New Rome, Ohio. Car and Driver magazine did a story about corruption in their police force and city government.

Bill’s murder was investigated by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. Learn about the Supreme Court Case Berkemer vs McCarty.

Bill Comeans with Buddy.
Bill Comeans with Buddy.

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8 thoughts on “30 Who killed me? Bill Comeans”

  1. Great episode and such a sad story. That said the Twitter account you speak of in the episode is in bad taste and shouldn’t be supported in such a way.

  2. Amazing podcast. I have to admit completely stumped by motive and suspect. Bullying taken too far just seems to be dismissive. He seem more of a gentle giant. There has to be more to this story. Young people love to brag. If other young people were involved, something would’ve came up by now.

    How gross of that miserable BEEP BEEP to do something like that. They are a family of disturbed freaks. Maybe her son killed him. I hoped she suffered as much as the pain she caused. But couldn’t possibly, since his family has no resolution.

  3. The use of polygraph on the VICTIM of a violent crime is highly questionable to me. It is an overzealous use of the polygraph for one thing, perhaps beyond its original purpose, and to me it speaks of marginalizing the victim.

  4. I would think the largest suspects should be the older boys that bullied him at school. Any access to his and his friends lockers at school by anyone outside of other students would have raised suspicions by other students / staff. That’s where I would have put pressure of the investigation…

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