28 thoughts on “Episode 8: James Cooper – Missing in Michigan”

    1. I have a call in to the detective on that case. Your post reminds me that I need to call him again. Thanks! Will keep you posted!

          1. I assume you haven’t heard anything back about the DNA on the sign? I’ve been listening to you podcasts and this one really bothered me. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot going on with this one which makes it even sadder.

          2. I have heard nothing from law enforcement on this case. I am still checking in with them periodically. This one bothers me as well.

  1. Just listened to this episode. Wondering if there was ever a search or DNA results? Seems strange that there was never any follow up in the news (that I could find).

  2. I myself never seen James in Greenwood his parents did not allow him there and he lived by the back woods of Greenwood . By where our friend Nick lived near also. I would think that was more like it was in them back woods trying to walk through to go to what was Jim’s party store. Just said we grew up together I always had to walk to his house he was not allowed in Greenwood . So ? He was the type of kid who kept to himself and did not hang out with tons of kids. I just feel bad cause was one of my great friends at younger age . Part of me hopes he ran away and is ok and other part thinks he would never do that to his parents and family and friends !

    1. I have not heard of any updates.

      It is my understanding that his family believes he left voluntarily so they are not pressing law enforcement to search for him.

  3. Hope is powerful and James was a clever kid. This time of the year is so strange. When I see a goofy parka or shaggy hair, I do a double take. I know it isn’t him but it still reminds me of what my last and our friends probably remember. Nothing for years. Not a word or a hint from him. Cheeseburger, you are missed my friend.
    Hope someday to learn the truth.

  4. I wish I could find out what apartment he lived in. We lived in Greenwood apartments for a short time, and our’s was terribly haunted until I blessed it. I really tried to ignore the spirit and was sure it was harmless, but it quickly became clear that it was not harmless. I ended up seeing a male figure slink across my living room. I later learned about this case and wondered if it could be related, but I heard many of those apartments are haunted. As much as I tried to push it aside, there is a terrible energy about this place.

  5. I’m around the same age as James, from Monroe, MI, and him and I had a lot of mutual friends. It was assumed by a lot of us that he had ran away. It’s obvious now, over 20 years later, that isn’t the case. I believe they know who wrote the sign. At least that’s what the word on the street is. The rumored writer has some mental illness issues, but at the time of the disappearance those issues weren’t yet manifested. It’s also rumored that law enforcement has interviewed him, and he was cleared.

    1. It would be nice to see a real search done by those apartments to see if he could be found after all this time. I believe there are woods adjacent to the property….

      1. Please check out the listed tik tok about James cooper. I’ve made 12 updates in the documents I found

      2. There was a girl named Nevaeh who went missing from those apartments in 2009. They searched that area for weeks looking for her. I would think if James was in the vicinity he would have been found.

  6. Mark Wood made and hung those signs up. He grew up in Greenwood, and was struggling with some mental issues at the time he did this.

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