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  1. I just listened to this episode today, and could easily picture exactly where the Mustang was left as I’m familiar with the area. I found an article that was published from where I live, and it listed the addresses of Jack and Kathy, and my MIL used to live on the same street, in the same model house as her’s. Here is the article, it’s interesting to see how hard they were trying to find the Kathy and the murderer, I can’t say I’ve seen such a detailed, informative article since that time.

    1. Thankfully we know who killed these two young people and he ended up in prison on other charges.

      1. This case is considered open as of 8/1/23. The prosecutors never felt the investigation led to the culprit. The person that you speak of was never officially considered the perpetrator.

  2. That’s correct Kim. John Collins was a suspect in those two murders. For lack of evidence he was never charged.

  3. This…I was 4 when she was murdered. My Dad was friends with her Father, Bob. He helped in the search.
    It never left him. He was hyper-protective over me because of it.
    Every time I saw Bob I would see his pain.
    So painful. It will never go away.

  4. I knew Jack, grew up with with him, his younger sister Karen and his older brother Chris. His killer was a Northville cop who was found out a few years later to have attacked, raped and robbed 38 young couples up and down Ed Hines Park Drive, as reported in the Livonia Observer Newspaper. It got swept under the rug, we never heard anymore about that cop. For all I know he got off scot-free. He got us, robbed me and raped my GF in Hines park summer of 1973. I ran into the bastard about 20 minutes later in his cruiser, well out of his jurisdiction, peeling out pulling a U-turn from the spot where he broke into my parked ’69 Cougar to steal our money. The other man said to be the killer was a fall guy, completely made up story to make the spotlight go away. What I write here is the absolute truth, first-hand knowledge, no rumor BS here folks.

    1. This is a much better explanation of why Jack’s driver’s license was found on the ground, below the cracked open car window. I went to school with Kathy from grade 5 on & had met Jack a few times. Both were well-liked & Kathy was THAT girl: the one who was naturally beautiful & kind to everyone. The days following Jack’s murder & Kathy’s disappearance were terrifying for everyone in our community.

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