Brian “Spinner” Spencer

What do Atom Egoyan, the Buffalo Sabres, one trip to the Stanley Cup, three fatal shootings and Palm Beach County, Florida have in common? Brian “Spinner” Spencer.

Spencer Penguin

On trial in Palm Beach County, 1987.
On trial in Palm Beach County, 1987.

Martin O’Malley’s book Gross Misconduct

Special guest this episode: James W. Weirick. Weirick is a podcaster on various shows, you can follow him @JamesWWeirick

Music courtesy of Luke Superior.


6 thoughts on “Brian “Spinner” Spencer”

  1. I agree. You get better and better. I enjoy (forgive me, please) the content immensely. I have no prior information or expectation on most of the stories. This story was particularly unknown to me, I don’t know much about Hockey. I appreciate the follow up on cases too.

  2. Thank you Geneah! Hockey has a special place in my heart, and I hadn’t heard of Spinner until a few weeks ago!

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