46 Women’s True Crime Broad Cast

The first broad cast of 2017 features the lovely and talented Amber Hunt of the Cincinnati Enquirer. You may know her as the voice behind Accused: The Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Andes.

Amber discusses the show, their process and what’s in store for season two. She also answers listener questions and speaks candidly about her time in Michigan.


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2 thoughts on “46 Women’s True Crime Broad Cast”

  1. During your podcasts, you often state; that the person murdered or missing “is not the type of person that this should happen to.” I don’t think being murdered or missing under dire circumstances should happen to anyone, and when you say that I think “Is there someone she believes is more deserving to be killed, or kidnapped?” Just saying.

    1. No one ever deserves to be a victim of violence. Ever.

      When someone lives a low risk lifestyle and in a so called “Safe” area their death is more shocking.

      I appreciate what you are saying and I will be mindful of it going forward. Thank you for reaching out!

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