The Death of Debbie Wolfe

In 1985 Debbie Wolfe was a 28 year old nurse living just outside of Fayetteville North Carolina. She left work on December 26, and headed home to care for her two dogs. She would not be seen alive again.

On January 1, 1986 her remains were discovered in a pond near her home. Was her death a terrible accident or did someone get away with murder?

In her nurses whites.


5 thoughts on “The Death of Debbie Wolfe”

  1. No doubt in my mind she was murdered, and somebody got away with it. What a sad case, and sad that today, no one survives her. Thank you for being her voice.

  2. Nina – Is there a way to contact you off-line? I found something interesting when I looked further into this case. Thought you might find it interesting as well.

  3. Thank you for your respectful and informative podcast. Personally I don’t find the accidental drowning likely. Surely her dogs would have pulled her out. I don’t find the kidnapping likely either. She was always aware of her surroundings and capable of defending herself. At home she had the dogs. If she drowned it was murder because she was still alive when placed into the water. She had worked in the family bar and knew how to handle unwanted attention. She was beautiful and had a sweet personality. Guys were always falling in love with her. She always pushed herself too hard during the holidays. I think someone she knew and trusted failed her. I miss her dimpled smile.

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