51 Donald Eugene Miller

From New Years Eve 1976 through the summer of 1977 Donald Eugene Miller terrorized the college community of East Lansing and the surrounding communities. While he was never charged with murder, only manslaughter, he is responsible for the deaths of four women and assaults on two children.

Sue Young, the mother of his first victim wrote a book about her experiences. Lethal Friendship: A mother’s battle to put -and keep- a serial killer behind bars.

Miller’s first victim, his former fiancee Martha Sue Young.


5 thoughts on “51 Donald Eugene Miller”

  1. I currently live 3 blocks from where Kristine was abducted and 4 blocks from Miller’s old house. As such, this case very much interests me. I paid special attention to the Coolidge/farwood ct intersection on and around the 40th anniversary of Kristine’s abduction (August 14), so strange to think of what happened near that spot 40 years ago. I’ve searched for pictures of the area from the time and more details reports of the abduction, but to little avail. Maybe ELPD has files through FOIA? Also, I always found it odd that Miller would be randomly driving down Canal Rd. and decide to enter a home. He must have saw her in the front yard while driving by?

    I recently read Martha Sue Young’s mother’s book. Heartbreaking account of what it is to go through something like this as a parent.

    I wish peace to Kristine’s loved ones as well as those of the 3 other young women, all sounded like great people who would have lived full lives.

  2. I was in prison with this guy. Talk about a creepy dude. Everything is god this and jesus that. But knowing the fact he was a cold blooded killer made me cringe inside.

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