Canada’s Missing – Luc Joly Durocher

On a snowy March night in 2011, 20 year old Luc Joly Durocher was separated from his friends and disappeared forever.

Luc with his father, Rob Joly.

While Luc left his coat, cell phone and glasses behind, he was wearing dark jeans, black sneakers with green stitching, a gray t shirt and a very distinctive purple belt.

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, in conjunction with the Ontario Provincial Police, is offering a reward of $50,000 for anyone who comes forward with information concerning the person or persons responsible for Joly-Durocher’s disappearance

Anyone with information is asked to call Near North Crime Stoppers at 705-476-8477 or 1-800-222-8477.

There are 13 missing persons cases in North Bay. The case of Phillipe Guerin is the oldest, dating back to 1966.


4 thoughts on “Canada’s Missing – Luc Joly Durocher”

  1. How could Luc’s “friends” just leave him behind when he couldn’t get into the bar? Those aren’t friends….thats so wrong to do that to someone 🙁

    1. Agree completely! Poor Luc! It makes me wonder what kind of “friends” these were that he was texting his dad at 9 on Friday night to find out about coming home. A 20 year old on Friday night with his friends should be getting his weekend going, not wishing it were over.

  2. Was any reason gives as to why this chap wasn’t allowed into the bar with his friends? The obvious one was that he was more inebriated than the others, but it doesn’t seem likely that he’d be plastered and the others would not.

    I ask because in a number of these cases where young men either disappear entirely, or are later found dead in water, it seems that the bouncers (or supposed bouncers) act to separate the victim from his friends – eg by allowing him out for a cigarette and refusing to let him back in, or accusing him of being drunk and hustling him outside so quickly that he leaves his things behind, and his friends don’t know where he’s gone.

    1. He was intoxicated. I read in news reports that he was seen on video in front of another location on the same street minutes later. It’s then that he disappeared. I agree that its strange that he was turned away and the friends were not.

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