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  1. I’m on Stitcher Premium and the first podcast showing is who killed me? Holly Branagan Part 2… How do I find Part 1???

    1. Hi Tami, I’m working on getting that fixed. I appreciate your patience. Meanwhile, you can access all episode direct from this webpage.

  2. Hello, I’m a Metro Detroit native and long time listener. Already gone is my favorite podcast. Nina, you do an amazing job in every aspect of the show. You’ve touched on topics that I personally have small connections to that make it all the more captivating to listen to you tell their stories and discover details I never knew about. I think you really help shine a light on forgotten and cases that aren’t widely known.
    If you take submissions for episode ideas, I’d really like to know how I can submit them. There are a couple Michigan crimes you haven’t covered so far that have been on my mind since they occurred.
    One more thing I’d like to say about your podcast in almost every episode that deal with disappearances and murders, I feel really proud of the police forces all over Michigan that take these occurrences seriously and make a great effort to solve crimes. In a lot of true crime podcasts I hear of the opposite happening when someone contacts law enforcement, so I think it’s significant when you mention that police took a case seriously from the start and haven’t given up.

    1. Hi Lynds! Thanks for the feedback! You can email case suggestions to Host @ Already Gone Podcast dot com 🙂

      I’ve had many positive experiences with law enforcement while researching these cases, and I am thankful for their efforts.

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