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  1. It’s funny how memory works: I had forgotten about this case completely except for one detail—that the car was recovered at the Abbey 4 movie theater across from Oakland Mall.

    A couple of years after Cindy Moore’s car was recovered there, I worked nights up the street at the Red Roof Inn (amazingly, it’s still there.) I hate to use the cliché “it was a different time”, but it’s true: even late at night, this was not a high-crime area, particularly in comparison to some of the things routinely happening south of Eight Mile Road.

    But it was also a different time in terms of media coverage. Had the term “missing white woman syndrome” yet been coined? I hate to say it, but the lack of coverage Cindy Moore’s disappearance received could almost be called “responsible journalism” in light of what tabloid journalism and 24-hour news coverage has wrought. Once her car was recovered, there just wasn’t any further news to report.

    I’m seeing where her name has only recently been added to the NAMUS database, and she still lacks a Charley Project page. It would also be great if more photos of her were available. Either way, any raised awareness of her case can only help.

    I would also agree that it would be useful to know exactly where in the Abbey 4 lot her car was recovered. Again, this was a relatively active, yet safe area, even late, with restaurants, hotels and apartments all within walking distance.

    1. there were a few stories in the Clarkston Paper (where she was living at the time) and one or two mentions in the News or Free Press but that’s pretty much it. I too would love to see a “good” picture of Cindy Moore. I even tried to track down a HS year book, but could not find anything.

      thanks for listening Hank!

    2. I remember what my friend years ago told me what he was finding out about her disappearance. If you are accepting of the existence of a spiritual realm and that communication is possible – then it can be a way to find out who is responsible for her death.

  2. This case has stuck with me ever since I heard this episode a few months back. I guess I hoped that additional information would surface at some point–new and better photographs of her, or perhaps even some details such as the clothing she wore at the time of her disappearance (if I understand correctly, she worked at the post office–so was she wearing a uniform?)

    Because I’m something of a map nut, I’m also obsessing over how and/or why she might have gotten from Big Beaver and Livernois to 14 Mile and I-75. In 1985 the post office isn’t especially convenient to a particular I-75 on-ramp–yet there certainly were on-ramps more convenient to the post office than the onramp near the Abbey 4, particularly at that time of night. If Cindy Moore regularly commuted from Clarkston to Troy to Warren and back, she must have been fairly well acquainted with I-75.

    Crazy question: Warren is a fairly large city in size (34 square miles, according to Wikipedia.) Do you have any idea where in Warren her husband lived? If he lived off of 14 Mile Road, I can see her simply heading east on 14 Mile Road–but if I recall my Macomb County geography correctly, 14 Mile Road is Warren’s northern boundary, and unless he lived very close to 14 Mile Road, her best route would likely have been to take I-75 south to I-696 and then take I-696 east into Macomb County, as I’m fairly certain that segment of I-696 was open by 1985.

    In other words, the last sighting of her at 14 Mile Road and I-75 would seem to make sense mostly if she was driving to her husband’s home, and his home was located relatively close to 14 Mile Road. (For what it’s worth, I also tend to think that if she did head south on Livernois, she took a left at Maple Road and then turned south on Stevenson Highway (although to get on eastbound 14 Mile Road from southbound Stevenson involved making a U-turn after crossing 14 Mile, and not a left turn, so maybe she wanted to avoid that.)

    Maybe I just need to take it upon myself to go through the database of unidentified remains when I get some time off over the holidays. Again, this one has been nagging at me.

    1. I don’t know where in Warren her husband lived. Meeting at The Abbey Theater Parking lot (14 and I-75) would be a good hand off spot for a sleeping toddler. Yes, EB 696 was open in ’85, my coach lived at 696 and Ryan, where there is no freeway exit.

      She was wearing jeans, a t shirt and a white sweatshirt style jacket. No uniform.

      As to her route, I’m very familiar with the area, I lived at 13/Stephenson for 6 years. She took Big Beaver to Rochester Rd, turned right and the road splits and becomes Stephenson Hwy. Then a “Michigan Left” on to 14 mile, either to the theater, the freeway or EB on 14 mile towards the home she once shared with her husband.

      I owe the sheriff another call, maybe today is the day for that.

    2. I worked with Cindy when she disappeared. She did not work at the Troy post office on Livernois but at the mail processing facility on Bellingham St, near John R. north of 15 mile, also in Trouble.

    3. Her husband lived off of Mound Road 2 blocks south of 14 Mile Road so where her car was spotted or the Abbey Theatre would definitely be in route to his house

  3. Wow…I may have misunderstood the photo above as indicating a possible route. The only thing I can add us that I received my driver’s license in April of 1984, and at that time the Big Beaver and Rochester Road was undergoing extensive widening, but I’m pretty that was completed by May of ’85.

    As to what she was wearing–that is NOT in her NamUs profile (https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/case_report_html/30894) and is good to know. Again, I was kind of distressed last night to notice that nothing appeared to have been added to her NamUs profile since I first looked at it upon hearing this episode back in August.

    I also seem to recall the Abbey 4 parking lot as being quite well-lit–really, that whole area was fairly well lit, what with the interstate cloverleaf, the mall, and the restaraunts/bars in the vicinity. Since you lived closer to the Abbey 4 than I did–is that your memory as well? I can’t remember if the theater parking lot remained lit all night long, but if it was not, the outdoor marquee and the lot lights tended to remain on until at least midnight.

  4. She worked second shift at the mail sorting facility located off John R. She traveled south to 14mi to take the Mi.loop around to head east on 14 mile towards Mound. Since she wasn’t a letter carrier she was in civilian clothes. Her shift ended at midnight.

    1. I thought the annex was at Livernois and big beaver? Did you know Cindy or work with her? Her case has really stuck with me.

      1. At risk of sounding flip, the post office doesn’t seem to want anybody to know the addresses of their processing hubs–at least not via Google.

        Obviously, finding the locations of such hubs from 30 years ago as that much more difficult.

        Here’s the thing, however: Accepting the premise that she actually worked at a USPS facility somewhere on John R in Troy, this raises the question of exactly where she was seen on 14 Mile Road–similarly, as Nina Pointed out in the podcast, we know her car was recoverd at the Abbey 4, but we don’t know where in the parking lot it was found.

        The bottom line is that whether these questions ever get clarified or not, I’d at least like to see some more information added to her NamUs page–and to have a page on the Charley Project page created for her. It strikes me that nobody should be trying to guessing about the particular circumstances in which she was last seen–this is information that needs to be clarified and made available.

        The thing is, I have no idea what I can personally do to help. Believe me–I’m not trying to dump a lot of work in anybody’s lap. But part of what bothers me about this case is the lack of media traction it got back in the day, and I’m not sure how to go digging for answers to these types of questions.

        1. I believe the processing hub is in the same place, on Livernois, south of Big Beaver, adjacent to the Troy Post office. I lived in Troy for many years, although in 1985 I was living in MH about a mile from the Abbey Theatre.

      2. The main post office for delivery on Liver noise just south of Big Beaver. The mail sorting facility at that time was at 2351 Bellingham. It was off John R in an industrial area. I don’t know if it is still there now.

      3. I knew Cindy and worked with her. The processing center was on Bellingham off John Ron. The delivery office was on Livernois.

  5. I just listened to this episode and wanted to tell you how fantastic it was! I live about 3 miles from where the Abbey theatre was and run by there at least once a week. Its really interesting hearing about these unsolved mysteries so close to home. I hope you keep it up with the podcast! Thanks!

    1. I lived in the area and Oakland Mall/Abbey Theatre was my hangout in ’85. This case really hit home for me. Thank you so much for listening and taking the time to comment. The show will soon return with many more Michigan based stories. – Nina

  6. My name is Mike I am Cindy Moore’s cousin I could probably help with pictures and other things if you are interested get ahold of me via my email address

    1. Cindy’s disappearance has been extremely frustrating for friends and family. And I am very hopeful that we can someday find out what happened to her and put her to rest the proper way

  7. HI, I was just browsing the web and came across this pod cast. I was looking up my old neighborhood where I grew up which is Warren Michigan. I found this blog and remember this tragic story. I remember as a young boy maybe 10 or 12 going over to the Moore house to play sports with neighborhood friends and Mr.Moore even participated via keeping records/score and watching the kids play baseball outside in the back yard.
    Mr.Moore seemed to be a very involved Father and was with his son and his friends riding bikes, playing baseball from what I remember as a kid, however as a kid I thought it was different seeing that kind of involvement.
    I recall seeing the news story of when they were digging on a summer night in August maybe 1987 or 1988 on the channel 4 news which the story could be found most likely through the channel 4 news archives. I always wondered about it and hope this case gets some closure. If this was to happen today the media coverage would be a different story. I was not close with the Moore’s at all , but use to see them in the neighborhood I grew up in and been to that house sometimes as a kid.

  8. I dated Bill Moore just few months after Cindy went missing and there are things that I could say he told me . Not sure how much truth was in. If anyone is interested in what I know , just contact me . I was with him for 3 1/2 years till I broke up with him. Rosy3669@aol.com

        1. Mike, I feel the same way . She was our cousin and we grew up with her . She was a beautiful sweet girl and deserves to have her family at peace and know what happened to her . Hopefully one day we will all know the truth .

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