July 27 – No new episode this week!

I’m taking a week off to refresh, regroup and plan for a Back to School series of cases.

Already Gone will return on Thursday, August 3, 2017


Meanwhile check out my guest appearance on Our Americana. Season 3, episode 11.

or, give a listen to another wonderful Detroit based storyteller – The Conspirators Podcast. Creepy history and strange stories. One of my favorites.

If you really need to hear me talk crime, check out the newest episode of Thinking Sideways,  The Villisca Axe murders. You won’t be disappointed.

Finally,  you may know that I am a big fan of the In Sight podcast hosted by the lovely and talented Ali and Charlie. They started a spin off show, geared to the YA set In Sight Junior. As an adult, it’s very well done and written with the same flair as In Sight.

Thank you for checking in and please, be safe!

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