63 Stanford Rape Controversy

On January 19, 2015 19 year old Brock Turner, a Stanford University Swimmer, was arrested for the sexual assault of a 22 year old woman, “Emily Doe.”

In the months after the assault his story would change and evolve. At the trial, he was found guilty of three felonies and sentenced to six months in jail. He served three months.

In this episode we look at the perpetrator, the victim and the overwhelming response to the outcome of the trial.

Victim Impact Statement. 

Brock Turner’s letter to the judge. 

Dan Turner’s letter to the judge.

Brock Turner, age 21.


3 thoughts on “63 Stanford Rape Controversy”

  1. He raped her period and if he can’t see the distinction then he’ll reoffend. I really hope this isn’t the case. It’s sad in that news cast he trying to make himself sound like he’s the victim. Sad.

  2. Great show. Thought the time in prison was crazy low. You didn’t mention it , but he has to register for life as a sex offender. I am against things like mandatory minimums and feel that lifetime requirements fall into the same realm. You judge a person as they are now forever. You give them no chance to get out from under their situation. If he lives to 100 (2105) he will still be required to register. Why not a limited period of registration or lifetime with the right to apply for termination every 10 years based on merit? I think 5 years in prison plus this type of registration would have been better.

    1. I did cover him being on the sex offender registry for life – “The sex offender label will follow him the rest of his life, and will limit where Turner can work, socialize and reside.” I don’t think anyone was happy with his sentence.

      I appreciate you reaching out and thank you for listening!

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