61 Justice for Erik Cross

In 1983 the battered body of Erik Cross was found in a ditch in front of his house. He’d been beaten, dragged behind a car and finally run over, his body left on the edge of the road.

In the 34 years since his death, the Cross family has waited for an arrest in the case. In the last few years, an army has assembled, hoping to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice.

They’ve waited 34 years for justice

In 2016 law enforcement named a group of suspects that they believe are involved in Eric’s death. This included Bill Cook, Tim Martin, Amber Thomas and Brent Spaulding:

One of his most recent mug shots.

Listen now. 

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9 thoughts on “61 Justice for Erik Cross”

  1. Hey I’m a big fan of the podcast but this last episode is sort of insane with this lady from Eric’s army or whatever. It seemed that the entire time she spoke, it was nothing but gossip and hearsay and not 1 oz of actual evidence that proved that any of those people actually committed that murder. And just because someone is homeless and has a history of alcoholism doesn’t mean that he’s capable of brutally murdering somebody and covering it up for 20-something years. I have no dog in this and am merely a spectator but this was fairly irritating to listen to as this lady riled up ready to crucify a man excuse me a couple men or group as she keeps referring to them for a murder then starts in like she’s talking to her friend at a nail shop with the latest gossip. I mean I understand some of that for a judge of character but come on, but I didn’t hear one ounce of actual evidence like why are these people specifically involved. I mean I’m sure that there’s a reason why nothing was said like I’m sure it’s going to court or something like that but the podcast suffered and it seemed like an assassination piece on someone’s character more than anything. But anyways I still love the podcast this episode wasn’t very good and I feel bad for that Eric guy may he rest in peace and they find his actual killer.

    1. The police have named the people discussed in the episode as “persons of interest” in Erik’s murder. Spaulding has never cooperated with law enforcement and his father make steps to conceal the vehicle Spaulding drove the night of Erik’s murder, preventing law enforcement from searching or examining the vehicle.

    2. Perhaps you should give this another listen, Salvador. It seems to me that they know who the “actual killer” is. Like Nina said, it’s a small town and the rumour mill was working overtime and the conspiracy of silence meant that everyone knew who killed Erik but no one was talking. Spaulding isn’t a victim here.

    3. It is clearly stated in the podcast that over the years the killers have felt free to confide in other people and admit to their guilt. The car was identified long ago, and its owner was known to be Spaulding at the time. The only thing the police and DA need is people willing to testify to these facts.

  2. Yes. This woman speaking was simply trying to prevent a lawsuit. She was not mentioning names for her own protection. These people she is referring to have already been publicly named.

  3. I appreciate your work, though I have to psych up a bit for each episode. I had to psych up a lot for this one. After a couple of false starts, I have listened to the entire episode. Here are the stages of coping with what I have just heard: demoralization first, then outrage and wtf. If I can pick myself up, I might say something coherent. There is something so demoralizing about people gett8ng away with murder and torture.

  4. I understand what you mean but i think the police already went through the case and most probably found circumstatial evidence, tying these suspects to the murder.

    I think its worth holding these suspects responsible as they most likely killed erik and for the court to judge whether they are guilty of the crime.

  5. The people at the party that night are in their 50s. They aren’t exactly over the hill. A small town murder will surface with victory. Long overdue, but still. These perpetrators will wish they had given up on hiding from their guilt. Their parents are old, won’t be “able” much longer. The alcoholic “best friend”, the manipulative girl, (who KNEW Spaulding was a COMPLETE JEALOUS maniac, and lastly, THE SPAULDINGS. NOT, Spaulding, but the FAMILY. Look at the picture above. Brent Spaulding trying to hide behind, bleached hair.. Get ready, clan…You are about to REALLY be exposed..

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