60 Vincent Chin revisited

On June 19, 1982 Vincent Chin was attacked by two men wielding a baseball bat.  He would die four days later,  on his mother’s birthday.

The men who attacked him never spent a night in jail, they were given probation and a small fine. The Asian American community rose up and demanded justice for Vincent Chin. This was the birth of the Asian American Civil Rights Movement.

Vincent and his bride to be. He didn’t live to see his wedding day.


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2 thoughts on “60 Vincent Chin revisited”

  1. Charged with 2nd degree murder and never spend a night in jail. Unbelievable. This is a great podcast. I was put onto it via ‘The Confession Tapes’ re-telling of the Detroit River incident involving Lawrence DeLisle. But it’s the Vincent Chin incident that has got me hooked. I near broke down in tears on the street after listening to the original Podcast (episode 4?) A remarkable injustice. Anyway, thanks for this podcast. Great work.

    Wales, UK

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