8 thoughts on “Russell Williams – Part Two”

  1. Hi there ☺

    I just wish to pass on my compliments for your wonderful podcast.I’ve just discovered it and am busily getting through the episodes,good to find quality content,rather rare.
    I imagine it takes an awful lot of time and effort to produce but I was just wondering if you have given any thought to have longer episodes?I really like podcasts that are over an hour long and I think you could hold attention easily. ..
    Otherwise,keep up the good work ☺

    1. thank you Sam!

      I am working on creating better content, including longer episodes.

      I appreciate you taking the time to reach out.

      Cheers – Nina

  2. Can we not listen to old episodes via your website? I have them available on my phone, through a podcast app, however, I would like to listen to them at work as well.

  3. I’ve listened to 2 dozen podcasts of Already Gone, so far. I enjoy them very much, though am sad at the tragedy others experience. I like the music in the later episodes best, though it’s all good. And your voice is steady, respectfully reserved and smooth. I think you conduct yourself very well, through your voice with how you sound and speak, considering the subject matter. I’ll continue listening until I’m through with all of the podcasts.

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