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  1. Wow. I never expected a pod on this. I knew him. I knew him well. He saved my life , I know odd to say for a serial killer. He did though , he literally saved my life. One could say he was the most impactfull male on my teenage years. I’m not excusing him. What he did to Jodi was disgusting. I lived less than a block away as that was happening. But just that it is odd how just a sliver of good existed in such a monster. I really would not be tying this if he had not gone out of his way , gone against everything he was supposed to/required to do , risked everything including in hindsight getting caught earlier for his killings to save me. To say this has been a issue in my mind that has followed to this day is an understatement. I have never trusted anyone again after that. I was so wrong on my thoughts of who he was , so fooled , I could never risk that again. Crazy. Wish I would have stumbled on this episode sooner. Though 2 murders doesn’t tech make him a serial killer , just saying. The ones in Wisconsin and Indiana and Ohio however , those do. And the SS admin covered those up by relocating him to another state. Also a slew of rapes in Wisconsin are on him. Not sure if the pod covered that. Itunes wont download the episode. Need to find a physical copy I can download one for my scrapbook.

    1. He tried to break into our house. He was my brother’s social security guy. I was a teenager and the bus driver scared it off. No one really connected it until after 🙁

  2. I also knew Dave. Dave and his wife were our bowling partners. His family members were members of our church.
    To say that I was blown away the this came to the surface would be a complete under-statement. Dave was the nicest guys you could ever meet. Guess you can never tell.
    I was called to jury duty, as was Dave. It was a drunk driving case. Dave was excused when he stated that couldn’t be impartial as he viewed drinking as an abuse of the body of God.
    So sad.

  3. Hello, I am the younger sister of victim 1 in this podcast, Kathy Nankervis. There are some things in this podcast that aren’t accurate, and as far as I know nobody in this family was even asked about it.

    My other older sister, Tiffany, listens to the Already Gone podcast in her commute between her home in Ann Arbor, MI, and Cincinnati, OH. She stumbled upon this episode and was crying so hard she couldn’t see, and she was so pretty heated about the “misinformation,” which we feel is more lack of information. She sent it to me, and I have some information I would like to send to whomever wrote this. If I could get a contact to send it to, that would be great. Thanks.

    1. I sent an email to address you provided. I apologize for my errors/omissions and look forward to hearing from you. – Nina

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