57 Colorado Hammer Murders

8-7-18 UPDATE – Aurora Police believe they have a suspect in this case! Denver Channel News

During a 12 day period in January of 1984 suburban Denver was rocked by a series of attacks by a hammer wielding home intruder. When his work was done, four were dead, Four more grievously injured and the community was shaken to its core.

Aurora Police have worked this case aggressively, taking advantage of scientific updates to generate leads and find a killer.


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12 thoughts on “57 Colorado Hammer Murders”

  1. Nina- Really enjoy your podcast- very interesting stories and a nice job of putting everything together.

    I have a suggestion for a story- not sure where to post/send that

  2. I am a new listener, in australia, & I hadn’t heard of this story. I am so glad your police are tenacious and haven’t given up in this case. He will be found.

  3. my gosh nina, i am so glad my bff introduced me to your podcast. i have a real interest in true crime, being a psychology student, i love the background that you give for all the individuals.
    i missed you the whole month of july 2018 btw!!
    waiting on your next one! if ever in los angeles, i hope i find out about it!! thanks again

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