54 Missing in Michigan – Chelsea Bruck

October 25, 2014. 22 year old Chelsea Bruck attends a huge outdoor halloween party/concert in a wooded area outside of Monroe, Michigan. Dressed as Poison Ivy in a long plum colored wig, and leaf trimmed green leotard the tall blonde spends the evening at the party with friends. After getting separated from her friends she is trying to find a ride home after 2:00 a.m.

Chelsea in street clothes and in costume the night she was murdered.

The person she accepts a ride from is someone from a nightmare. Chelsea is gone, vanished.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s department works the case hard, calling in assistance from dozens of agencies. In spring 2015 pieces of Chelsea’s costume are discovered in Flat Rock Michigan, but no sign of the missing woman. Weeks later her badly decomposed remains are located. In 2016, almost two years after she vanished an arrest is made. 27 year old Daniel Clay, a friend of one of her coworkers, is arrested after his DNA is found on Chelsea’s bloody costume.

Daniel denies murdering Chelsea, despite clear evidence that she received a brutal beating. In May 2017, a jury finds him guilty of murder and concealing her body. He was sentenced on July 13, 2017

The many arrests of Daniel Clay.


6 thoughts on “54 Missing in Michigan – Chelsea Bruck”

  1. Hi Nina–

    Growing up Downriver, l went to Pointe Mouilee on school field trips. We never found any bodies. You could visit. 🙂

      1. Going for a hike or bike ride on the dikes at Pt. Mouillee is a great way to enjoy it. But in the fall, when I get there before dawn to go hunting, I’ve run into some really creepy characters, and they’re not there to hunt.

        1. Yeah, if I go, I’m not going alone. I would like to check out the area though. Thank you for reaching out!

  2. I didn’t wait you to get the impression its like Leakin Park in Baltimore, which is such a popular body-dumping site, it has a website dedicated to all the victims who have turned up there in the last 80 years (really). That’s where Hae Min Lee of “Serial” was found.

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