42 The Good Hart Murders

June 25, 1968, the Robison family is 10 days in to a relaxing summer “Up North” at their wood and stone cottage on Lake Michigan.

That night a killer or killers fired on the house, wounding Richard Robison, they then entered the house and executed the entire family. Who would do such a thing? Why would anyone want the family dead? We still look for answers to a brutal mass murder.

Read Mardi Link’s Book When Evil Came to Good Hart for a deeper look at the case.


The Robison Family – Shirley, Gary, Susie, Randy, Richard and Dick.

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  1. My fathers side of the family is from Harbor Springs. Good Hart is located about 12 miles north of Harbor Springs along the secenic “tunnel of trees” on M-119. It is not between Petoskey and Harbor Springs. Good Hart is a very very tiny community, with a few shops on the Lake Michigan side of the road with fields across from it. It’s one of those tiny towns we say “if you blink you’ll miss it”. On your podcast you stated this town was between Petoskey and Harbor Springs, it’s north about 12 miles from Harbor Springs. I hope this helps 🙂 I’m throughly enjoying your podcasts, thank you!!

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