the murder of leann fletcher

The August 16, 1999 murder of Leann Fletcher in Hazel Park, MI 


Written by Nina Innsted, researched by Haley Gray.  Audio Production by Bill Bert. 

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the disappearance of cari farver

Listeners, this is one of the strangest cases I’ve ever covered. There is a fair amount of adult language and themes, you’ll want headphones for this one. The disappearance of Cari Farver from the Iowa/Nebraska area. 

Stalking #missing #murder #DV 

Written by Nina Innsted, Audio Production by Bill Bert. 

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Selepak crime spree

The February 2006 crime spree of ex-con Patrick Selepak and his 19 year old girlfriend, Samantha Bachynski. #Michigan #murder #MacombCounty #truecrime 

This episode contains explicit descriptions of torture and murder. Listener discretion is advised.

Written by Gemma Grace, Audio Production by Bill Bert. 

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The Mio murders

In 1985 two men left the Detroit area to spend a weekend hunting in northern Michigan. David Tyll and Brian Ognjan would never return and no sight or sign of them was ever found.

In 2003 Michigan prosecutors opened a case against two men for the murders. They had no bodies, no crime scene and no murder weapon.

One of our most requested cases….the missing hunters

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Lesser known stories from the Great Lakes Region