16 thoughts on “Episode 8: James Cooper – Missing in Michigan”

    1. I have a call in to the detective on that case. Your post reminds me that I need to call him again. Thanks! Will keep you posted!

          1. I assume you haven’t heard anything back about the DNA on the sign? I’ve been listening to you podcasts and this one really bothered me. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot going on with this one which makes it even sadder.

          2. I have heard nothing from law enforcement on this case. I am still checking in with them periodically. This one bothers me as well.

  1. Just listened to this episode. Wondering if there was ever a search or DNA results? Seems strange that there was never any follow up in the news (that I could find).

  2. I myself never seen James in Greenwood his parents did not allow him there and he lived by the back woods of Greenwood . By where our friend Nick lived near also. I would think that was more like it was in them back woods trying to walk through to go to what was Jim’s party store. Just said we grew up together I always had to walk to his house he was not allowed in Greenwood . So ? He was the type of kid who kept to himself and did not hang out with tons of kids. I just feel bad cause was one of my great friends at younger age . Part of me hopes he ran away and is ok and other part thinks he would never do that to his parents and family and friends !

    1. I have not heard of any updates.

      It is my understanding that his family believes he left voluntarily so they are not pressing law enforcement to search for him.

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