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Missing in Georgia – aida Calfee

The first week of October, 1981, Aida Marie Calfee was traveling with her boyfriend and coworker, James Pruitt. Pruitt would tell authorities that they argued and she left his car, announcing she would “hitch a ride” back to her home.

Calfee would never be seen again. Oddly enough, her disappearance happened days before she was set to testify against Pruitt for a July 12, 1981 assault against her.

If you have information on her case, please contact The Lumpkin County Sheriff.
Phone: 706-864-0414


Have you seen Aida Marie Calfee? Missing since October, 1981


Also the Atlanta Journal Constitution from 1981 and 1982.

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The Sunday Morning Slasher

Terrifying and prolific are two words used to describe American Serial Killer Coral Eugene Watts. Join us as we explore his life and many crimes. 

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Ann Arbor District Library archives

Justia – Michigan V Watts

You Tube – Cold Case Files

Krauseneck and Holzbach

This episode looks at the 1982 murder of Cathleen Schlosser Krauseneck, a Mt Clemens native (and graduate of Mt Clemens HS, class of 1970) in Brighton, NY. In November of 2019, her husband, James Krauseneck Jr was arrested and charged in her death.

We also explore the as yet unsolved February 1991 murder of Jill Holzbach in the parking lot of the Jackson Ohio police department.

Both of these women were 29 years old at the time of their deaths. Each had one child, a daughter, and in each case, the husband was the prime suspect, although, in the murder of Jill Holzbach, there is more to consider.

Additional reading:

Krauseneck – Democrat and Chronicle Story from 2019
Holzbach – Canton Rep story from 2011
Casetext Holzbach v Township

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Shaylene Farrell

August 1994, Piqua Ohio. 18 year old Shaylene Farrell invites her siblings to come to the store with her for a quick errand. They decline so she heads out on her own, a trip from which she will never return. While there are a pair of suspects in her disappearance and presumed murder, no one was ever named publicly. In 25 years of searching and investigation, police have yet to make an arrest in her case. 

Shaylene Farrell, forever 18 years old.

If you have information on the disappearance of Shaylene Farrell, please contact Piqua police.  937-778-2027

Also mentioned this episode, the unresolved disappearance of 26 year old George Gall. The unexplained death of Paul Barrett.

In this week’s episode we feature the work of Private Investigations for the Missing. An organization founded by Bruce Maitland, his daughter, Brianna, vanished in 2004. 


Missing in Michigan – Tonia Stiles

34 year old Tonia Stiles (also known as Renee Whitehill) was last seen in Grass Lake Michigan (near Jackson) on November 10, 2010.

Tonia had struggled with alcohol addiction in the past, but in late 2010, she was sober and getting her life in order. Tonia was a mother of two young children from her first marriage

At the time of her disappearance, Tonia was sharing a home with her boyfriend, Scott S Cassidy and a roommate.

The room mate told police that Scott and Tonia were arguing about finances the day she went missing.

On November 24, 2010, police arrested Scott Cassidy for auto theft. Because he had a record, including drug offenses and home invasion, he was jailed. On December 3, 2010, Cassidy died by suicide.

At the time of her disappearance, Tonia was about 5’5
with long brown hair, blue eyes and an average build.

her case is being handled by Michigan State Police Jackson Post
(517) 780-4580

additional reading:

MLive Story


who killed me? Akita Ervin

In the summer of 1992, 15 year old Akita Ervin lived in a mobile home in White Lake Township, Michigan with her mother and her mother’s live in boyfriend. While Akita had a history of running away, there was more to the story, and that became terrifyingly clear when her decomposed remains were discovered in late June.

If you have information on her death, please contact White Lake Township Police

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Missing in Michigan – lost girls

This is another Missing in Michigan episode, covering two cases that need more attention, but lack information to make them appropriate for a stand alone episode.

This young woman introduced herself as “Bill” less than 24 hours before she died in a Highland Park home.

Tammy Sue Clements is missing, details in her case are hard to find.

We’re talking about the unidentified person known only as “Bill” who was found in Highland Park in March of 1976, and the unresolved disappearance of Tammy Sue Clements who vanished from….Michigan, or maybe Nebraska, or possibly California in 1980. Or was it 1981? 1982? We simply don’t know, but we’d like to find out! #MISSING #DOE #UNRESOLVED #DETROIT #MICHIGAN #NEBRASKA #UNIDENTIFIED #DNA 

Bill’s NAMUS profile 

Tammy Sue Clements – Charley Project

Southern True Crime Podcast Meet Up 10-26-19 Charleston SC 

True Crime Podcast Festival, KCMO July 2020


The murder of Vicki Cozzy HARSHMAN

in 1991 Vicki Harshman was worked the overnight shift at the Holiday Inn (Holidome) in Lebanon Indiana. In the course of her shift, she would be robbed, attacked and murdered.

Her death bore several strange similarities to the Days Inn Murders of 1989, (I-65 killer) but her death was the work of an as yet unidentified killer.

If you have information on her death, please contact Det. DIckerson of the Lebanon Police 765-482-8879

Additional reading – American Crime Journal

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Victoria Cozzy Harshman


The Melvindale trio

This episode is a trip in the way back machine, because we’re going way, way back to the late 1930’s for a disappearance that baffles Detroiters to this day!

Artie Maybe, 42, Margaret Reddon, 35 and Thomas Lorimer, the 24 year old married father of a two year old girl, vanished after a night out at a local tavern.

Despite years of searches, offers of cash rewards and trips across the country to run down leads, no sight of the Melvindale Trio was ever found.

Sources/Additional Reading:

Downriver back in the Days

News Herald Story – 75th anniversary


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Jayme Bryant – Missing in Michigan

The last weekend of June, 2013, 25 year old Jayme Vaughn Bryant disappeared from downtown Kalamazoo. In the six years since he was last seen, there have been no sightings.

Jayme suffered injuries sustained in a fall, but his glasses were not broken. This is one of the last known pictures of Jayme V. Bryant

If you have information on his whereabouts, please contact Detective Rivard of the Kalamazoo Public Safety Dept. at (269) 337-8139

There is a Facebook group dedicated to Jayme’s case. View it here.

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Hit & Run- the death of Greg Mcroberts

December 12, 1991 24 year old Greg McRoberts leaves home on his bicycle to repair a broken down car. When he doesn’t return home, searches are organized to find him, but there is no sign of the young father.

24 year old Greg McRoberts

When his body is discovered a month later, there are more questions than answers.

In 2005 a letter arrives at the home of Greg’s parents, written by the person who struck Greg with their car on a dark December evening.

Page one

Page two

Additional Reading:

Defrosting Cold Cases

Midland County Sheriff’s Page – see photo of possible vehicle HERE


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