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serial Killer David SPanbauer

While not as well known as his contemporaries, Spanbauer was a terrifying and violent predator whose crimes spanned decades. #murder #assault #children #Wisconsin 

Researched by Haley Gray, Audio production by Bill Bert. 
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the many crimes of Father Ryan Erickson

More than just the murders of Daniel O’Connell and James Ellison. So much more. 
#Murder #sexcrimes #Wisconsin #Catholic #Clergy #abuse 

Researched by Haley Gray

Audio Engineering by Chaesare Gray of Gray Multimedia

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Select Sources:
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Savanna Greywind

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On a hot, August day, heavily pregnant Savanna Greywind was in her family’s apartment in Fargo, North Dakota. Her neighbor, Brooke Crews, came down to ask Savanna to help her with a sewing project, which Savanna agreed to. Savanna followed her neighbor upstairs and entered her apartment, expecting to spend a few minutes helping before returning to her own apartment for a quiet afternoon. Savanna would never return home, and it would be a week before her body was found. 

Written by Jessica Ann

Researched by Haley Gray

Audio Engineering by Chaesare Gray of Gray Multimedia

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THe murder of Ricky Holland

Caution, this episode discusses child abuse and murder.

In July of 2005 Ricky vanished from his home in Williamston Michigan. An intensive search was performed with assistance from hundreds of volunteers and multiple police agencies. Ricky would finally be found when his “father” revealed what actually happened to the little boy at the hands of his “mother”

Ricky Holland in an undated photo.

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The dirty house

In May of 1998 Lisa Putman was a newly engaged 28-year-old with a bright future. Unfortunately, her work for the Family Independence Agency as a CPS worker led her to the Dirty House, where she met the women who would rather murder an innocent woman than do what was needed to regain custody of their children. Support the podcast by visiting our sponsor, Better Help, visit better and use code gone at checkout for a special savings on your first month. 



#murder #sisters #Michigan #Macomb #CPS #FIA

The MCKeogh Murder

James and Christy McKeogh – January 14, 2016.

A violent double homicide in Clinton Township, Michigan. The community expected this to be solved quickly, yet here we are 5 years later, still looking for answers. 

News story on the case – Link  

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Special thanks to Michael and Lou Rahal, Lauranne (Lou) McKeogh, The Clinton Twp. Police department and Nick Mordowanec of the Clinton Twp Chronicle Newspaper. 

There is a generous cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the murder. 

Clinton Township Police Tip line – 586-493-7925

Crimestoppers of Michigan 1-800-SPEAK UP 

Audio Editing provided by Gray Multimedia. 

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The murder of Stephanie DuBay

In July of 1990, 15 year old Stephanie DuBay was murdered by Jaime “Jimbo” Rodriquez and his cousin, 15 year old Agustin “Auggie” Pena at the Pena home in Warren.

In 2020, Pena was released from prison after serving almost 30 years behind bars.

This episode explores what really happened that summer day in Warren when Stephanie was murdered and the community was horrified by the brutality, and possible Satanic connections to this crime.

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The Pelley Family Murders

Lakeview Indiana, 1989. Someone enters the home of Reverend Bob Pelley, killing Pelley, his wife and two of her children. It will take more than a decade to bring the killer to justice. 

Photo from LifeTouch Photography

This episode written by Brittany Martinez. Audio production by Gray Multimedia. 

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Jeff’s sister believes in his innocence and has a website dedicated to freeing her brother from prison. Justice for Jeff




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The privacky Family Murders

November 29, 1998, the Privacky family gathers for a belated Thanksgiving celebration.

Investigators at the Privacky family home

At 6’5 Seth Privacky towers over the deputy supervising him during a court appearance.

Research provided by Haley Gray. 
Audio engineering by Gray Multimedia. 

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The murder of janet Chandler

Janet Chandler

On January 31, 1979 23 year old Janet Chandler, a senior at Hope College in Holland, Michigan was kidnapped from her job at the Blue Mill Inn. Her nude body was recovered from a snowbank off I-96. It would take more than 20 years and the work of an unlikely set of researchers to bring this case back to the public eye and lead to resolution. **this case discusses a brutal act of sexual violence – listener discretion is advised** 

Herald Palladium News Archives
Detroit Free Press News Archives
Toronto Sun
NBC News
OTIS – Michigan database

Writer – Brittney Martinez, Nina Innsted
Audio Production – Gray Multimedia 

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#Michigan #Murder #assault #Holland #ColdCase #solved 

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The murder of Gail webster

This episode covers the unsolved murder of 48 year old Gail Webster of Troy Michigan on October 28 1978. Webster was the day shift manager of the popular Susie Q restaurant on Woodward Ave in Royal Oak. 

If you have information on Gail’s murder, Troy Police would like to hear from you. You can leave an anonymous tip at 248-524-0777

Gail Webster and her grandchild c, 1978


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Sources: Troy Police Files obtained via FOIA

#TrueCrime #Unsolved  #Murdered

Nevaeh Buchanan

Already Gone explores the May 2009 disappearance and murder of five year old Nevaeh Buchanan. Buchanan, who lived in Monroe, Michigan with her mother and grandmother disappeared Memorial Day weekend, only to be found days later in a shallow grave.

This episode researched and written by Brittney Martinez and Nina Innsted. Audio editing by Gray Multimedia. Our sponsor is Betterhelp. Visit and use code GONE at checkout. 

5 year old Nevaeh


#TrueCrime #Unsolved #Missing #Murdered