Who killed us? Sally and Shane

Investigators search for evidence near where McNelly and Stewart's remains were found.
Investigators search for evidence near where McNelly and Stewart’s remains were found.

July 4, 1988 high school sweethearts Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart are enjoying the holiday. Dinner, fireworks, hanging out. They crossed paths with a monster. Their murders remain unsolved.

Shane and Sally
Shane and Sally

The episode contained excerpts from a You Tube Video published by Pat Wade, the mother of Sally McNelly, on the 25th anniversary of her daughter’s murder.

Investigators encourage anyone with information about the case to contact Detective Lowe at 325-655-8111, ext. 109, or Detective Mellas at ext. 115.

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    1. yes, evidence collected at his home (he was released on bond) is at the lab. Hoping this means and answer for their families.

      1. I just searched to see if there was an update and didn’t see anything, it has been two years they have to have the DNA back, wonder if they are just trying to build a case? Or it wasn’t a match…

  1. Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly were murdered by “M.S.” (persons initials) and law enforcement. I reported information about the murders of Shane and Sally. Then in 2009 law enforcement and “M.S.” tried to have my daughter murdered.. I was told recently that the gun that Shane and Sally gave to the Deputy has vanished from the evidence room. I have not confirmed this latest information but it should be true considering the source. My source is a person (company) doing a cold case video production about the murders of Shane and Sally.

  2. I appreciate this website for posting my comments. I’m just wanting justice for my daughter (and others). ALL law enforcement refuses to take information from me. ALL law enforcement refuses to investigate the attempted murder of my daughter. The short story about my daughter is that she was totally abandoned by the nurse and doctor in the delivery room during birth. The nurse actually thumped my daughters head when the entire top of her head was visible and ready to be born. The nurse turned off the fetal alarm and vanished from the delivery room for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Leaving my wife and baby totally unattended. I went for help outside the delivery room but nobody would come into the room and help. When the nurse returned 1 1/2 to 2 hours later she had my wife start pushing again and my daughter was born instantly because she was ready to be born hours before. My daughter was born lifeless and they had to do emergency resuscitation. Going off memory I think the medical records show it took about 8 to 10 minutes to revive my daughter. She was in intensive care for 3 days. She had an eye surgery because of the situation. I filed a police report and police refused to investigate. I investigated and discovered that both the doctor and nurse had direct connections to the exact same person that I had years before reported to police that had murdered Shane and Sally. The nurse actually lived directly across the street (at one time) from the murder suspect. The nurse’s front door was only about 8 seconds away from the murder suspects front door. The doctor graduated from a community service program that the murder suspect ran. The doctor has direct contact with the then Chief of Police. Interesting considering I had reported previously to law enforcement that Shane and Sally were murdered by “M.S.” (persons initials) and law enforcement. Someone reading this would be correct to think that sounds like a bunch of lies—why would law enforcement going all the way up to the Texas Rangers cover up a murder? I believe because the gun that Shane and Sally gave to the Deputy before they were murdered holds the clue. I believe the gun was used to murder the so called “solved” murder of Sheila Elrod in San Angelo, TX on 02-12-1980. Sheila was murdered in a high value jewelry store. She worked with cops in this high value jewelry store. Jewelry was missing and she no longer wanted to work there because she was uncomfortable about the missing jewelry. There is a book written about her murder called “No Reason to Kill” written by former Police of Chief Russell Smith. I have read read the book and there are NUMEROUS things that jump out from the book and that doesn’t make sense. The main thing that does not make sense is this—-Sheila was looking for another job because HIGH value jewelry was missing from the store and she wanted out of that job. She worked with cops in the jewelry store. Cops never explained what happened to the high value missing jewelry that would be a felony. In 1988 Shane and Sally gave the Deputy a gun they were told was used in a murder/ robbery. Sheila Elrod was murdered in a robbery in 1980. The population of San Angelo, TX is about 100,000 people. How many murder/ robberies had happened in San Angelo around the time Shane and Sally gave the gun to the Deputy? The police named 2 suspects that supposedly murdered Sheila Elrod. One had already died of natural causes when he was named as a suspect. The other was given a plea deal in another murder to avoid the death penalty. He later was interviewed in prison by Russell Smith (ex-Chief of Police/ Author). The suspect stated he had beat the polygraph and had lied about the murder of Sheila Elrod. The polygraph was part of his plea agreement. So, I believe law enforcement either did not get all the murder suspects in the Sheila Elrod murder or it was totally planted evidence. The Texas Rangers were involved in the investigation of the Sheila Elrod murder. If it was planted evidence this would explain why the Texas Rangers in my opinion are helping to cover up the Shane and Sally case. The Texas Rangers–REFUSE—to take a statement from me. The Texas Rangers —REFUSE–to meet with me….. Think about this.. Lets say I’m a total liar about all the things and the information I have about the Shane and Sally Case and the attempted murder of my daughter. Then all the Texas Rangers would have to do is come take a statement from me—then prove that I’m lying and get me for filing a false report. I have an enormous amount of information that I’m not stating here because it is very lengthy…. One final thought—-Isn’t a crime scene supposed to be off limits to all non law enforcement so that evidence can be secured?

  3. Its not a coincidence that a doctor and nurse abandoned my wife and daughter at birth, then I discover the connections the doctor and nurse have to several people mentioned on “Unsolved Mysteries”. This is pure evil. Pure evil run by San Angelo, TX law enforcement. Law enforcement started getting rid of evidence. There was a PDF document on the internet reported by the Texas Rangers about the investigation of the former Chief of Police in San Angelo, TX. The former Chief of Police was accused by fellow police officers of threatening to “burn” a drug informant. The Texas Rangers report was removed from the internet after I was constantly bringing attention to it. The reason I was constantly pointing to the report was because the doctor had direct connections to the Ex-Chief of Police. The drug informant’s phone conversation was recorded when she was in the Tom Green County jail. She was recorded stating she was going to party with her cop friends at the Oasis bar when she got out of jail. She had to be moved out of San Angelo for her safety because of the threat. San Angelo Standard Times news articles can still be found on the internet about the investigation into the ex-Chief of Police being investigated by the Texas Rangers for threatening to “burn” the drug informant. The threat to “burn” can be taken 2 ways. One way is to leak the informants name there by exposing the person and probably get the person killed. The second way would be to literally burn (as in catch on fire). I believe its possible the ex-Chief of Police meant literally to catch the drug informant on fire. I believe it was Michael Clay that was burned alive in the parking lot of Target in San Angelo, TX…. Michael Clay was dating or married to a girl whose father was a San Angelo, TX police officer. I realize anyone reading this would think no way would law enforcement take part in such evil things… I know for a fact how corrupt and dishonest the San Angelo Police Department is. I reported a crooked cop named Alex. The SAPD made internal affairs reports vanish. The cover up went all the way up to the then Chief of Police. The SAPD then tried to claim I had never been to the SAPD and that I had never made a police report about Alex. They can lie all they want because I even went to the FBI in San Angelo,TX.. The FBI office was in the federal building downtown at the time. I was so mad about the cover up that I bet I told at least 30% of the SAPD police officers about the incident when I would see them in public… There is pure evil in San Angelo, TX and it is run by the cops. They are cowards and tried to have my daughter killed. They are to scared to try and murder me…. To any San Angelo, TX law enforcement—why don’t you come take a police report from me on all the information I have? If I’m lying about just one thing—you can then get me for falsifying a police report. My daughters 2 suspects ( doctor and nurse) have so many connections to the Shane and Sally murder case that it is pathetic. The doctor even lived next door to one of the persons mentioned on “Unsolved Mysteries”. (my source–the hard cover books at the Tom Green County library–2nd floor)The nurse lived directly across the street from someone mentioned on “Unsolved Mysteries”. The nurse was being interviewed by the Texas Nursing Board. The nurse stated something to the effect “I had to rely on people I did not know and one of them was a con artist”… A con artist is a criminal. The con artist the nurse is referring to is probably the doctor. Coincidentally after the attempted murder of my daughter the doctor bought a house from one of the nurses that was mentioned in the medical report pertaining to my daughters birth. (my source–the Tom Green County Appraisal)… There is a woman in Austin, Tx working for a company doing a cold case video production about the murders of Shane and Sally. She asked me if I knew a certain individual. She stated the individual was friends (in the cult) with Shane and Sally. She stated the individual hung around with cops. I instantly recognized the individuals last name because it is very unique. The individual’s brother was a maintenance man at the apartment complex where I lived. The maintenance mane had stolen a pistol from my apartment and I had filed a police report about the stolen gun. I would not shut up about the maintenance man stealing my gun. The maintenance man took a polygraph. Then the SAPD called me and asked the value of the gun. I was then paid for the stolen gun… There are several interesting things about the stolen gun situation. The manager of the apartment complex was married to a SAPD police officer. The manager tried EXTREMELY hard to get me to shut up about the stolen gun. She stated the maintenance man was given the job reference by a high ranking police officer (she gave the name). She knew I had a job application for the SAPD. I was like–so what—he should not have stolen my gun. The managers son was a Tom Green County Sheriffs Deputy. He was years later arrested and fired from the Sheriffs office for numerous felonies. I later worked with this Deputy at a manufacturing company. The Ex-Deputy made reference to serious things. He stated he had knowledge of VERY serious things that if he was to talk about that high up law enforcement would be in serious trouble. Looking back at what he said–I think he knew who I was and he knew about the murders of Shane and Sally. I believe he has direct information about the cover up of the Shane and Sally case. He stated that if he had not been arrested when he was that he would have committed murder…… Law enforcement in San Angelo, TX is capable of being involved in murder–I have no doubt. I have no doubt that the Shane and Sally case is connected to other murders in San Angelo, TX……… Again to ANY law enforcement reading this—–If I’m lying about just one thing—-come take a statement from me—then arrest me for lying on a police report-…. You will not do it because—I’m telling the truth…Again— Isn’t a crime scene supposed to be off limits to all non law enforcement so that evidence can be secured? And if a non law enforcement person was let onto a murder crime scene—what is the close connection that person has to law enforcement? That person has a very strange connection to law enforcement… That person has a strange connection to the doctor and nurse–ex-Chief of Police. I think the connection is called a “Cult”… (COWARDS)…

  4. A news article in San Angelo stated the police were investigating an infant (5 month old) death at a day care. Interesting considering my daughter was totally abandoned and left for dead at birth. Oh-but I guess it makes sense, thats what I get for reporting on crooked SAPD officers and the murders of Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly. ..
    I saw another news article stating the SAPD siezed 15.4 pounds of meth. Again, interesting considering I reported meth being cooked at the apartments on Greenwood St. in San Angelo. But, I guess it makes sense that the SAPD would not take—ANY- action on my meth report. Why would the SAPD not take action? Because one of their police officers was married and having affair with the “cookers” aunt who lived just across the hall in the same apartment building. San Angelo—you have a VERY serious problem with the police. Check out this link: https://sanangelolive.com/news/crime/2018-06-18/san-angelo-car-salesman-pushed-pound-meth-day

    The following is a quote from the article: “got his methamphetamine from drug cartels in Mexico”…
    San Angelo—WARNING—the police are involved in drug trafficking in San Angelo, TX…. When I reported meth being cooked on Greenwood St. (across the street from an elementary) in San Angelo—not ONE law enforcement agency contacted me.. I reported it to the SAPD/ Tom Green County Sheriffs Office (posted in on the Remembering Shane and Sally facebook page–they took it down in about 1 hour) called one of the news stations. Why no contact from any law enforcement agency? Because when I reported it– I gave the information that a married San Angelo Police officer was having an affair with the aunt of the meth cooker directly across the hall. San Angelo police will cover up ALL cops illegal activity. The reason I knew the meth was being cooked is my mother lived directly above the Aunt. The lady told my mother that the meth was being cooked…. I was once stranded in Barnhart, TX. A very nice Barnhart, TX deputy gave me a ride back to San Angelo. I had just started to tell him about what happened to my daughter and that I knew that local law enforcement had done it. He instantly warned me that the SAPD was involved in drug trafficking and he mentioned the name of a high ranking cop… Its obvious that I’m —-EXTREMELY—mad about what happened to my daughter… I do not want this to happen to anyone. If you report —ANYTHING—-I suggest you call law enforcement outside San Angelo—and do it anonymously . Meth being dealt on that level—-is ABSOLUTELY being done with the help of cops. I moved out of San Angelo to keep my daughter safe and alive. I have gone to the local cops where I live now and let them know if something happens to me or my family–it is connected to the San Angelo police.

  5. Go to San Angelo, TX Police Department Facebook page and search “Tim Vasquez arrest”. Then read all the comments. Lots of people state he was into drug trafficking. Numerous people talk about his drug use.
    So, years before Vasquez was arrested I’m went to confront him about his connections to the person that attempted to murder my daughter, and he was committing felony bribery / corruption at that very time? It should HORRIFY people to think someone can try to have a baby murdered. But, our world is so insane, nothing is thought about it.

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