Who killed us? Sally and Shane

Investigators search for evidence near where McNelly and Stewart's remains were found.
Investigators search for evidence near where McNelly and Stewart’s remains were found.

July 4, 1988 high school sweethearts Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart are enjoying the holiday. Dinner, fireworks, hanging out. They crossed paths with a monster. Their murders remain unsolved.

Shane and Sally
Shane and Sally

The episode contained excerpts from a You Tube Video published by Pat Wade, the mother of Sally McNelly, on the 25th anniversary of her daughter’s murder.

Investigators encourage anyone with information about the case to contact Detective Lowe at 325-655-8111, ext. 109, or Detective Mellas at ext. 115.

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4 thoughts on “Who killed us? Sally and Shane”

    1. yes, evidence collected at his home (he was released on bond) is at the lab. Hoping this means and answer for their families.

      1. I just searched to see if there was an update and didn’t see anything, it has been two years they have to have the DNA back, wonder if they are just trying to build a case? Or it wasn’t a match…

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