The Oakland County Child Killer – Part Two

This is the second episode in a series about the Oakland County Child Killer.

Between 1976 and 1977 four children were abducted and murdered. Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich and Timothy King. They were held from 3.5 – 19 days. Their deaths were considered the work of a killer or perhaps a team of killers working together.

Forty years later and law enforcement is no closer to closing the case. We look at the victims, the crimes, the investigators and the families left behind.

If you would like to take a closer look at happenings around the periphery of the case:

North Fox Island – When history turns out to be not so nice

Catherine Broad – A blog run by the sister of Timothy King

A father’s story – Written by Barry King, father of Timothy King

Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper holds a press conference in response to $100M lawsuit.

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2 thoughts on “The Oakland County Child Killer – Part Two”

  1. Negligence of adults is what allows these monsters do what they do best, whether it’s within the justice system or within a child’s own family. I will never understand why more is not done from the outset to punish pedophiles the way they deserve – life in prison, no parole, no second chances.

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