Justice for Jody – Baltimore

In the early morning hours of March 2, 1996 Jody LeCornu was shot while sitting in her parked car. Despite video evidence, eye witness testimony, ballistic evidence and fingerprints, no one has ever been arrested or charged in her death.

Case overview and an interview with Jody’s twin sister, Jenny Carrieri.

If you can assist the family with legal fees please visit their Go Fund Me page.

If you have information about Jody’s murder Crime Stoppers is offering a $32k reward.

Music courtesy Luke Superior

Thank you to @Melodile2015 for suggesting this case.

2 thoughts on “Justice for Jody – Baltimore”

  1. Nina, great job, as always. That detective in Baltimore is LAZY. That’s it. That’s what detectives do, the INCESTIGATE. He’s doing nothing . My heart goes out to Jody’s family.

    1. It sounds like that’s the problem with all of these cold cases: sheer, utter laziness, an inexplicable reluctance of the men and women to actually carry out their JOBS in the search for truth. I wonder how many cold cases would be solved today if it hadn’t been for neglectful investigators?

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