70 Serial Killer David A. Goodreau

In 1991 and 1992 a small community in the upper peninsula of northern Michigan was rocked by the brutal murders of two women.

It would take a break in at the home of a third woman to bring this unlikely murderer to justice.

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One thought on “70 Serial Killer David A. Goodreau”

  1. Wow. I never expected a pod on this. I knew him. I knew him well. He saved my life , I know odd to say for a serial killer. He did though , he literally saved my life. One could say he was the most impactfull male on my teenage years. I’m not excusing him. What he did to Jodi was disgusting. I lived less than a block away as that was happening. But just that it is odd how just a sliver of good existed in such a monster. I really would not be tying this if he had not gone out of his way , gone against everything he was supposed to/required to do , risked everything including in hindsight getting caught earlier for his killings to save me. To say this has been a issue in my mind that has followed to this day is an understatement. I have never trusted anyone again after that. I was so wrong on my thoughts of who he was , so fooled , I could never risk that again. Crazy. Wish I would have stumbled on this episode sooner. Though 2 murders doesn’t tech make him a serial killer , just saying. The ones in Wisconsin and Indiana and Ohio however , those do. And the SS admin covered those up by relocating him to another state. Also a slew of rapes in Wisconsin are on him. Not sure if the pod covered that. Itunes wont download the episode. Need to find a physical copy I can download one for my scrapbook.

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