56 #MissingMarissa

***Marissa was located safe in 2018. ***

Sixteen year old Marissa Escareno has a good life, she is a pretty girl, in good health. She lives in a loving home and earns good grades. In mid-February of 2017, there was a shift, Marissa wasn’t acting like herself. By March 3, she was gone, disappearing in the middle of the night, leaving behind her cell phone, clothing, cosmetics and ID.

In the last 90 days her family has been on a whirlwind. Sporadic calls and online appearances by Marissa raise their hopes, only to have them dashed again when she goes silent. It is her family’s belief that Marissa, who turned 17 on Mother’s Day, is somewhere in the Detroit area. Perhaps mixed up with the wrong crowd, or worse.

In this episode I speak with Marissa’s sister, Julia who tells Marissa’s story and shares her family’s experiences in trying to bring their girl home.

WXYZ Detroit did a web story about Marissa’s case.

Marissa’s NCMEC poster.

If you see Marissa, please contact the Detroit Police 313-596-5400

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  1. I live local and have seen on Facebook and the local news her story. I pray they find her and can bring her home. Unfortunately in Michigan because she is now 17 the police can’t help. The law in Michigan is when your 17 if you don’t want to live at home there is nothing your parents can do to make you live there. In listening to the podcast I was struck by a few things. Is she with her bio parents one or the other?? As her sister kept saying they felt she is confused and I got the impression that she wasn’t to worried that she would be hurt. I pray that she is returned home and can ft back on the right track. She sounds like a nice young girl with a bright future and a good loving family. Oh and I do know that the Motel 8 in Southgate off I-75 is known to have hotel parties with gangs from Southwest there. Maybe they can check there to see if she’s been there

    1. Marissa’s biological parents surrendered her to her paternal grandparents when she was five years old. The parents that are worried and looking are her grandparents and her aunt/sister.

      I fear that she is in danger and hope that she can be found and brought home soon.

      I will pass on the information about the Motel 8 in Southgate.

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