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57 Colorado Hammer Murders


8-7-18 UPDATE – Aurora Police believe they have a suspect in this case! Denver Channel News


During a 12 day period in January of 1984 suburban Denver was rocked by a series of attacks by a hammer wielding home intruder. When his work was done, four were dead, Four more grievously injured and the community was shaken to its core.

Aurora Police have worked this case aggressively, taking advantage of scientific updates to generate leads and find a killer.

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Who killed me? Dana Stidham

S2 E2 In 1989 Dana Stidham vanished while running errands for her father. Her badly decomposed body was discovered months later.

The investigators tasked with bringing her killer to justice found themselves entangled in the aftermath of another senseless shooting.

This car is similar to the one seen parked behind Dana's Dodge Omni the day after she disappeared.
This car is similar to the one seen parked behind Dana’s Dodge Omni the day after she disappeared.

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Episode Two: Missing in Michigan (Cindy Moore)

Take a look at the route Cindy might have taken after leaving work:

Cindy Moore Map

If you are interested in attending the Missing in Michigan Event here is the flyer with details:

Missing in michigan Event at Detroit PD

Cindy was last seen driving on 14 Mile Rd in her sporty, silver and black 1984 Ford Tempo.

Ford Tempo

Cindy Moore NAMUS

Podcast news clip courtesy of 9 and 10 News.

If you have information on the disappearance of Cindy Moore please contact the Oakland County Sheriff, Cold Case Division.

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